Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inspiration Only Lasts A Few Rounds.


The blog title is a Crime In Stereo lyric. (They're a band and they broke up. It hurts.)

This post's title is a piece of advice I got and failed to enact many times.

But, occasionally, I did follow up on it. And so, here it is. This isn't Eleven Names. This is whatever follows. As for why the title, well, it's a Crime In Stereo lyric. But, more truthfully, I hope it expresses, vividly, a little bit of unspoken conflict of modern life.

(I just noticed the tab labeled Monetize at the top of the page. All I can do is smile.)

I'm figuring out the template for the posts as I go along, but if I can swing it, I'll try to have a youtube embed of the song that inspired or is most representative of the update at the end of every post.

At the moment, youtube is not finding a direct link to the song from which subsidized sincerity comes (called "Warning: Perfect Sideburns Do Not Make You Dangerous"), so here's a pretty good live set of theirs that contains the song. (It's at roughly 2:40. Roughly.)

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