Friday, November 26, 2010

I Ask For the Sweet And Probe the Taste For the Bitter Because I Won't Enjoy Anything

Nerds have won, but I'm not sure what it's worth.

Not that there's some kind of purity in the shadows, either. But what does it consist of, so far? What has it bought us? Smallville? Kick-Ass? The Losers? (Sore point, that. I liked the comic book and enjoyed the movie.) Watchmen? (Ditto, though it's hard not to count that as a success, given context: Glowing blue penis, no superheroes, mindfuck story, no big name actors.) That the properties that changed our lives are just as exploitable as Star Trek?

To buy back the sell, for a moment: If it means that one less young girl or young boy gets bullied or teased for liking anime, videogames, comic books, different kinds of music or D&D then...good. I have a hard time getting up on my step-soapbox and saying that the acceptance of geek things is bad if it means that a kid like me (or unlike me) isn't going to be bullied or go through an even more acute emotional ringer during middle or high school.

But the Green Lantern or Dragonball Z or Prince of Persia movie is meaningless to me unless it gets things like the Filth, Stand Alone Complex and Deus Ex in the hands of those new viewers. I don't care if a Geoff Johns approved Green Lantern picture makes enough money for DC to dive into hundred dollar bills Scrooge McDuck style, unless it means more creators will receive more latitude to produce their own stories in their voice, while minimizing financial exposure and maximizing creator rights.

Blanket statements like nerds have won (Odd. I wrote women without realizing it instead of won. I assume that speaks volumes.) without an attendant push further into the culture pisses me off because it neglects the idea that we like nerd/geek things because of the depth or something beneath the surface. There should be a little bit of working for it, which if done right, isn't at odds with Hollywood. I'm susceptible to the idea of sugar with one's medicine.

If the idea of nerds winning means that creators feel more comfortable saying that they're behind non-traditional media, well, that's good too. But, you know how the stigma was defeated? Through the projects that took their subject matter seriously, or if it wasn't serious, was at least well thought-out and unapologetic.

But, if we've got confirmed, dyed in the wool nerds in the vein of Kanye basically running rampant with hip-hop, it doesn't hurt. I'm just not sure what that phrase means (nerds have won) when apparently, half of the fashionable directors in Hollywood grew up on comic books and videogames and...not terribly much changes. I'm probably just looking for things too quickly or don't have my ear to the ground or perhaps even more crucially: I don't want this to be the logical conclusion of Nerds Winning.

Not hope this is the golden days, but a promise: to work to make sure this is a starting point.

Mid 2000's style screamo (good cop/bad cop vocals) take on Texas Is the Reason's Back and To the Left. I'll probably be putting a lot of My Chemical Romance on here in the days to come, so consider this a breather.

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