Friday, October 1, 2010

Getting Around

Quick hits, because they both have to do with getting around:

1) A girl from Duke's class of 2010 collates her highly detailed fuck list, sends it as a Power Point to her closest friends and of course it gets spread on the internet. The guys, who were named, with pictures, didn't know and didn't consent to being publicly dissected. Fraternities do it all the time, she notes, but that doesn't make it good when she does it. Maybe there is good, though. Maybe it will make dudes think twice before adding to the community knowledge of girls' sexual habits. Maybe it will give them a new perspective on disrespecting people's privacy. I mean, it wasn't done for that purpose, according to the girl, it was done for a laugh amongst friends. But, there is possible good that can come from this.

I mean, this is basically the opposite number of the juicycampus debacle that was basically a clearinghouse for Greek flavored gossip and hearing about which girls are good in bed and which aren't, in that a girl is publicly, and in a way that's comprehensive, spreading privileged information about popular guys on campus, with her name attached to it. I hope her fifteen seconds of internet fame are good to her.

I guess she should have thought when she put it in that kind of a format that it's easy to send around that she probably ought not to make it that easy to spread. I mean, I'm not going to tell people not to talk to their friends about their experiences, but, for fuck's sake, don't put it in a format with an infinite half-life.

2) I finally found a comic book store that has comic books in English (Forbidden Planet, in case you were wondering), which means I had to spend a couple hours going on the hunt. (To be fair, I was looking for a place that had dice, and was told by a GameStop employee that it was a "manga store." But even that was close enough.) Once I closed in, it made me excited in a way that...I hadn't felt in months, like I was finally finding something that I had gone without for far too long. My steps were more sprightly and energized, as if the idea of possible D&D players and paraphernalia was replenishing my HP.

Man, I felt like I had warm blood running through my veins again. I don't mean that in some I'm a/the world is a vampire way, but recognizing a portion of my personality (and prioritizing my unfashionable desires) after a month plus of having it in little, impersonal, and untactile ways. Refreshed doesn't begin to describe it. An invigoration. A full-throated scream after being muzzled? Maybe this is what it feels like to be a toy and have a new set of batteries in.

And that's gotta have parallels. I think I know a couple.

This song is a female vocalized, sex-positive single. It's real good. It's also called I Get Around. I must have thematic consistency.

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